If you want to change the world, #ChangeTheStory

Change the story

Change the story


Julia Robertson

PR Manager

”With communication we have the possibility and therefore responsible to make a change for a sustainable future.”

Jessica MacDowall

Creative Director/Producer

”For me it has always been a great importance to create and produce content that makes a difference."

Anna Borgeryd


”We live our lives in accordance with a myth that is leading us towards an abyss. We need to change the story, find a truer creed to live by.”

Sofia Bonde

Head of Sponsorship

”Change the story stands for something new and ground-breaking.”

Rickard Wallentin

Legal advisor

Rickard Wallentin has a broad experience of advising clients within the media and entertainment sector, for example television channels, publishing houses and production companies.

Edvin From


”This project led by Anna Borgeryd will inspire us to create a more sustainable future, in a time of dire need.”