If you want to change the world, #ChangeTheStory

Change the story

Change the story

Anna Borgeryd


Who is Anna Borgeryd?

Anna Borgeryd has been concerned about the fate of mankind since childhood. In her teens, she wrote to Michail Gorbachev and thanked him for ending the Cold War and the nuclear threat it forced us to live under. In everything Anna does – from her PhD thesis, Prevailing Structures and Global Challenges, to her business activities, lectures and artistic production – the force that drives her is visible: the desire to understand how the world works and to use that knowledge to develop solutions. “Solve, heal, prevent” – for many years this message has hung on her bulletin board. Anna believes in humanity, and is convinced that there must be ways we can secure a positive future. She is committed to searching for them.

Why Change the Story?

One concrete way we can contribute to the societal transformation that must occur is by using our family-owned company to help create a sustainable system for the provision of food. But we, the human community, also need change on a broader scale, and here I believe in the power of story-telling. We live in a story about continuous growth in an endless and indestructible world. We talk about “recovery”, a return to business as usual, to the exponential growth of the 20th century. But there is no more business as usual, because we are breaching the planet’s boundaries, and nobody knows what the full consequences of that will be. The myth of our freedom to thoughtlessly exploit the biosphere as if it were endless and indestructible is leading us towards an abyss. We need a new and truer story if we are to survive, and live well, in the future.


  • Graduate student, Umeå University, 6 years. Responsible for introducing students to the fields of International Politics and Peace and Conflict Studies. PhD thesis Managing Intercollective conflict; Prevailing Structures and Global Challenges (Dissertation.com, 1999)
  • Member of the board of directors of the family’s company, Polarbröd, from age 18. Operative responsibility at Polarbröd since 2003. Current position: Chairman of the Board and chief strategist.
  • Author and composer of the manuscript and music for the award-winning short film Familjesjäl [sic] (Family soul) 2004.
  • Advisor to the Swedish government’s Commission on the Future (Framtidskommissionen) 2012-13.
  • TED-x talk The Dawn of A New Economy, 2013, and many other lectures.
  • Author of the relationship novel Tunna väggar (Pärspektiv förlag 2013), published in English as Integrity (New Internationalist 2016).
  • Author of book chapters in numerous anthologies about the challenges that must be overcome if we are to meet the needs of humanity in a sustainable way.