If you want to change the world, #ChangeTheStory

Change the story

Change the story

Julia Robertson

PR Manager

Who is Julia Robertson?

Julia Robertson, PR advisor with a passion for food, tech, popular culture and sustainability.

Born and raised in Stockholm, with a heart that pounds for the archipelago and the nature. With experience from many of Sweden’s major food companies combined with the knowledge about our digital habits, trends and environment, Julia strongly believes in the combination of these to make communication that will make people listen.

Why Change the Story?

That communication is key might sound like a cliché, but for professionals working with PR it’s simply the truth. To pave the way for a sustainable future we need to change attitudes and enlighten the environmental problems we’re facing, in a way that makes people listen. Sustainability needs to be incorporated in our daily communication by storytelling, popular culture, tech and strategic communication. Professionals and businesses have the power to make that change.